My Info
Name, location: Alexander Amelkin, Moscow, Russia
Age, gender: ?, male
Marital status: Married
E-mail: from_cv [at] amelkin (dot) msk {dot} ru
LinkedIn: aamelkin
My Certificates   My C.V.
Written English
Business Writing
Telephone Etiquette
Master Computer Technician
Master IT Terminology
Data Modeling Concepts
Networking Concepts
Master Server Administration
Master MySQL Administration
General Linux Administration
RedHat Linux Administration
Master Apache Administration
Master CGI Scripting
Master Perl
C++ Programmer
Master HTML 4.0
Master Javascript
Master Bash Shell Scripting
  Date of birth: April, 19, 1977

Education: Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, 2002. Master's degree in Computer Sciences.
Major: Computer systems and networks.

Spoken and written languages: Russian (native), English (upper intermediate)

Current job: Head of Embedded Software team, OAO T-Platforms

Previous jobs:
  • Senior Unix developer in an outsourcing company (Auriga, Inc., Projects: LynuxWorks; Phoenix; Intel)
  • Linux system administrator, database administrator, and a software engineer in an ISP Company (TRC FIORD, JSC)
  • Translator (Russian -> English) and consulting web-master for the currently closed "Reactor Critical" site dedicated to computer 3D graphics (news, hardware & game reviews, articles on technology).
  • Purchasing and sales manager, technical support specialist in a distributor company (Tradition Ltd.)
  • Sales manager in a retail computer shop (Attik Ltd.)
  • Freelance computer technician, technical support specialist and programmer since approx. 1992 (first computer experience - 1987)
  • Developed from scratch a DML/Simics model of Intel ICH10 HD Audio controller
  • As the final code reviewer participated in development of user-mode certifiable TCP/IP stack (LCS) and also directly interacted with the customer during the product deployment in the context of the european Galileo project.
  • Participated in certification of LynxOS-178 RTOS to RTCA DO-178B standard. Prepared documents required for certification. Performed OS testing (incl. MC/DC) and resolved the found problems. Interacted with an FAA consultant DER during the certification process.
  • Took part in development of Phoenix FailSafe server-side backend (C language).
  • Participated in the development and documentation of a POSIX-compliant RTOS (LynxOS-SE): kernel and library development and bug-fixing (C language). Created a POSIX conformance document for the operating system.
  • Design and implementation (perl language) of an Intranet site for the Russian Training Centre of Richter Gedeon (farmaceutical company).
    The site includes:
    • Secure cookie-based user authentication engine
    • Multi-level access control system based on user rights and user categories
    • User database including CV, contacts, photo and other information, selectively available for review by other users according to their rights.
    • News engine
    • Training engine, including dynamically formatted lectures and tests. Trainings are organized into categories for easier navigation. Tests may include any number of questions, each question having several variants of the question text, and each variant having its own set of answers. Answers may have penalty scores. Questions are asked in random order, answers are displayed in random order too.
    • Exam engine. Similar to the test engine, but has a different design and, unlike the test engine, takes questions from different tests and stores the user answers for future analysis.
    • Analytics engine. Allows a staff employee to know who, when (and if) opened tests and lectures, visited the site, etc.
    • Administration engine allowing the administrators to manage all the entities present in the database (news, persons, trainings, tests, etc.)
  • A perl-based site engine for the Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • An SNMP-based switch monitoring sytem (perl language) with support for integration into the BigBrother network monitoring suite
  • A PHP to CGI wrapper for the Apache Web Server
  • An ISP traffic accounting system (perl language, currently used in TRC FIORD, JSC), including:
    • accounting information gathering system with support for linux-based and cisco routers
    • web-based management system with user and network hierarchy support
  • A Linux-based wireless router system (C and bash languages)
  • A set of tools for Award BIOS logo modification (C language)
  • A data import utility for Lotus Notes (C language)
  • A VGA font viewing utility for DOS (Norton Commander compatible, C language)